Window Dedications

Windows in the Library’s majestic Reading Room, as well as in the Grand Staircase, may be named to commemorate many occasions, including honoring a loved one, memorializing a special person (read about one Library Friend naming a window in her husband’s honor in Making Your Mark), or recognizing you or your family’s dedication to the Library or the university. If you are interested in dedicating one of the 27 Printers’ Mark windows, please contact Kathryn Heise ( in the Office of Library Advancement.

Gifts toward a named window are used to support Library facilities, such as building projects. As well as providing a beautiful and lasting dedication, your gift will ensure that our historic Library is beautifully maintained for future generations of scholars.

Window dedications start at $50,000 with a gift to the Library’s Facilities and Technology Fund.

For more information about each of the 27 Printers’ Marks windows, please visit

Each window is listed below. Those which have already been dedicated are denoted with honor or memory text.


Verard window masked, Main Library

1. Antoine Vérard (d. 1514) Paris, active 1485-1512 – In Honor of Hugh M. and Frances M. Cameron
2. Sebastian Gryphius (ca. 1492-1556) Lyon, active from ca. 1524
3. Christoph Froschauer (ca. 1490-1564) Zurich, active from ca. 1515
4. Christophe Plantin (ca. 1520-1589) Antwerp, active from 1555
5. Robert Estienne (ca. 1503-1559) Paris & Geneva, active from 1525 – In Memory of Dr. Kenneth A. ’54 and Patricia J. ’51 Tabler 
6. John Day (ca. 1522-1584 ) London, active from ca. 1546 – In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. William H. Hay
7. Niccolò dal Gesù & Domenico dal Gesù Venice, active 1505-1527
8. Johann Froben (ca. 1460-1527) Basel, active from ca. 1491
9. André Wechel (ca. 1535-1581) Paris & Frankfurt-am-Main, active from 1554 – In Memory of Brian D. Federmeier
10. Erhard Ratdolt (1447-1527 or 1528) Venice & Augsburg, active from 1486
11. Aldus Manutius (1449 or 1450-1515) Venice, active from 1495 – For my brother John D. Barnwell ’75 from Carla S. Barnwell ’78 | To dream, and run.
12. Johannes Gutenberg, Johann Fust, and Peter Schöffer
13. William Caxton (ca. 1422-ca. 1491) Bruges & Westminster, active from 1471 – In honor of the University Library and its talented staff. John P. Wilkin, Dean of Libraries and University Librarian (2013-2022)
14. Jehan Frellon (1517-1568) Lyon, active from 1536
15. Johannes Hamman de Landoia Venice, active 1482-ca. 1509 – In Memory of Mary Stal Niemann MS ’85 | Sharad and Elizabeth Stal Jain ’84
16. Henric Petri (1508-1579) Basel, active from ca. 1536
17. Thomas Anshelm (ca. 1470-1524) Strassburg, Pforzheim, Tübingen & Hagenau, active from 1487-1522
18. Andrew Hester (d. 1557) London, active ca. 1539-ca. 1551
19. Luca Antonio Giunta (1457-1538) Florence, active from 1482
20. Ottaviano Scotto (ca. 1444-ca. 1499) Venice, active from 1479
21. Jean de Tournes (1504-1564) Lyon, active from 1542
22. Louis Elzevir (ca. 1540-1617) Leiden, active from 1583
23. Reginald Wolfe (d. 1573) London, active from 1542 – The fruits of Learning and Wisdom are to be harvested and shared for generations…through Knowledge | Russell E. Ewers ’69
24. Arnold Birckmann (d. 1541) Antwerp, Cologne, and London, active from ca. 1532 – In Honor of Kevin and Anne Maxwell Class of 1979
25. Jodocus Badius Ascensius (1462-1535) Paris, active from 1503 – Remembering Jo Ann Ivens Laible ’59
26. Thomas Davidson Edinburgh, active from ca. 1528-ca. 1542
27. Thomas Berthelet (d. 1555) London, active from 1528-1548

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