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Berthier To Aid Library Events

Sara Berthier brings a certain joie de vivre to her role as the University Library’s events administrator associate—perhaps not unexpectedly, as she hails from Paris, France.

“It’s all about joy,” she said in recounting why she relishes her work. “You’re gathering people that are passionate about the same subjects.”

Berthier will work collaboratively at Illinois to instigate and support Library events and exhibitions. The globe-trotter, who was raised in England and France, fused her academic background in economics and management with her longtime love of the arts. She brings eight years of experience to the newly created position: In London, Berthier interned at the Royal College of Art and in Paris at Sotheby’s and CNN International, eventually serving as project manager at what is now known as Moderne Art Fair, where she helped showcase galleries from throughout Europe during the City of Light’s annual art week.

Berthier (pronounced “Bur-T-A”) translates that love to the Library’s treasures. “I really connect with that energy” of rare objects and papers, she said. “We can showcase what the Library has to offer—and there is so much to offer.

“We have that mission . . . to bring that to people,” she said, whether the audience is staff, faculty, students, donors, or the wider public. Her wide range of ideas includes historical displays, student art in the Orange Room, intimate donor receptions, virtual presentations, and even a 5K run on the Quad.

“I feel like my job [runs] from investitures to making it possible for animal ambassadors to attend events,” she said. And that’s fine with Berthier, who likes to emphasize the “events” part of her title. After all, “it’s called an ‘event’ for a reason,” she said. “It’s celebratory.”

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