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Meeting Minutes

Social Science Division Meeting


October 3, 2012


Present:  Lisa Romero (Chair), Laura Barnes, Cindy Ingold (minutes taker), Kelly McCusker, Nancy O’Brien, Yoo-Seong Song, Sandy Wolf



1. Approval of September 5 minutes

Minutes were approved with amendments. 


2. Announcements and Discussion Items


a. One Time Purchases

SSD has $200,000 to spend this year on one-time non-recurring purchases.  Members approved the list of suggested purchases which Cindy had prepared (See G:\Social Sciences Division\2012 One Time Funding Requests.)  Discussion about how to spend the remaining $15,396.00 included: put money into approval plans; create a special fund for eBook purchases for the Social Sciences;  purchase the Annual Review of Economics proposed by Yoo-Seong.  Cindy will email Tom and Wendy about the possibility of using the money for eBook purchases.


b. Communication with Library IT

Administrative Council had asked Beth Sandore and Jim Dohle to attend an upcoming meeting to discuss communication issues, especially related to technology and software problems. Beth and Jim cannot attend the AC meeting until December. Lisa will email them to see if they can attend a future SSD meeting.


c. Unit Annual Reports: Should they be available publicly or privately?

We agreed that these reports should be public.


d. Unit Head Orientation Document

Some people needed more time to examine the document.  Lisa asked folks to send comments directly to Beth Woodard.  One outcome of the discussion: SSD members would like to see the specific steps for the process of getting gift books from a potential donor, outline somewhere on the Library’s website.  Cindy agreed to look into this.


e. Sabbatical Requests

There are no sabbatical requests for the next academic year



3. Reports

A. Collection Development Committee – No Report


B.  Services Advisory Committee

Lisa and Kelly are members. Sue Searing is chairing this committee.  The group has not met recently.  Sue is looking to revamp the charge and responsibilities of the committee.


C. User Education Committee—No Report


D. LSSC Representative – No Report


E. Faculty Review Committee

Lisa reported that the FRC is reviewing one case for promotion from assistant to associate professor.


F. Diversity Committee

Cindy is working with Beth Woodard and Cindy Kelly on new approaches on committee composition.  She did get some good ideas from at the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color, held in Kansas City, MO, Sept. 19-22


G. Library Assessment Working Group

This group is changing.  Lisa will invite Jen the new assessment coordinator to a SSD meeting.


H. Area Studies Division rep to SSD—No report


I. Staff Development & Training Committee

The committee met on Monday.  Most of the discussion was about plans for Wellness events for the upcoming months.



4. Round Robin


Laura hired an academic hourly at the Prairie Research Institute Library.



Librarians in SSHEL have been doing lots of instruction.


The Youth Literature Festival will be held this coming weekend.  There will be several presentations on Saturday at the I-Hotel which are free.  The festival is for preschool through high school.