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Research and Publication Committee Charge


The Library Research and Publication Committee is a standing committee of the Library Faculty established to encourage research and publication among Library Faculty by:

The Committee reviews and approves or disapproves funding requests for student wages, graduate assistants, travel to other research collections, photocopying, manuscript preparation, data analysis, the creation of illustrations, editing for non-native English speakers, etc. The Committee sponsors occasional brown-bag series that focus on library research.


The Committee of five is appointed for two-year terms by the University Librarian, with the advice of the Executive Committee.  The chair is appointed by the University Librarian.  Committee members serve two-year staggered terms, and may be appointed to one successive term.


Carissa Phillips, Chair (8/15/18)
Anna Chen (8/15/17)
Shuyong Jiang (8/15/17)
*Angela Waarala (8/15/18)
Beth Woodard (8/15/17)
Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, ex officio
Dan Tracy, ex officio