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Recent and Past RPC Awards

This list shows RPC award recipients for the current fiscal year. For previous years, see the links below. You may also view a list of outcomes (publications, presentations, etc.) of past RPC funding.

RPC Grants Awarded During the Current Academic Year (2014-15)


RecipientProject Title / DescriptionRequestAmount of AwardDate of Award
Heather Simmons Boss Kett & the Golden Age of the Automobile $710.00


July 8, 2014

Sarah Williams

Supplementary Materials in Crop Sciences Journal $1620.00


July 29, 2014

Merinda Hensley

Undergraduate Students' Knowledge & Perceptions of Scholarly Communication Topics and Issues $250.00


Sep 25, 2014

Antonio Sotomayor

Olympic Sport, National Identity,, and International Politics in Puerto Rico $2420.00


Sep 30, 2014

Shuyong Jiang

An annotated Bibliography of UIUC Chinese Ancient Books $1870.00


Oct 9, 2014

Merinda Hensley

An Assessment of Undergraduate Journal Publications and the Role of Libraries $5005.00


Nov 14, 2014

Henriett E. Green

User Engagement with Emblematica Online $150.00 $150.00 Dec 19, 2014

RPC Grants Awarded for Previous Years