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Recent and Past RPC Awards

This list shows RPC award recipients for the current fiscal year. For previous years, see the links below. You may also view a list of outcomes (publications, presentations, etc.) of past RPC funding.

RPC Grants Awarded During the Current Academic Year (2012-13)

RecipientProject Title / DescriptionRequestAmount of AwardDate of Award
Lori Mestre Indexing for book. Support for grad hourly.



July 20, 2012

Sept. 6, 2012

John Hoffmann The Historiography of Lincoln's Indiana Years Support for research travel.


August 30, 2012
Shuyong Jiang A Scholarly Review of Chinese Studies in English during the Last Thirty Years Publication subvention.


Sept. 6, 2012
Harriett Green Data Mining of Library Collections for Recommender System Development Support for grad hourly.


Sept. 6, 2012
Merinda Hensley Extend and Unify: Outreach and Education for Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy Programs Support for grad hourly.



Sept. 14, 2012

Oct. 18, 2012

Susan Avery An Analysis of Library Instruction Search Transaction Logs Support for grad hourly.


Sept. 20, 2012
Kyle Rimkus Digital Preservation File Format Recommendations of ARL Member Libraries: An Environmental Scan Support for grad hourly.


Sept. 25, 2012
Kirstin Dougan Faculty and Librarian Perceptions of YouTube as a Tool for Music Scholarship Data analysis by ATLAS [supplemental request].


Oct. 1, 2012
Kathleen Kern Publisher-Library Relations in the Academic Marketplace: Historical and Contemporary Attitudes Research travel.


Oct. 19, 2012
Jane Block Alfred William Finch: Agent of Reformation in Helsinki Research travel.


Oct. 26, 2012
Paula Carns The Tristan Legend in Medieval Art Purchase of images and permissions to use.


Nov. 1, 2012
MJ Han, Timothy W. Cole, and William F. Weathers Publishing Library Data as Linked Open Data Support for undergrad hourly. $2,200.00 Nov. 29, 2012
Ellen Swain and Merinda Hensley Library Instruction in the Student Life and Culture Archives Support for grad hourly; gift cards. $1,528.20 Nov. 29, 2012


Total funds awarded to RPC grant recipients during academic year 2012-2013: $24,819.50.

RPC Grants Awarded for Previous Years