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RPC Grants Awarded During the Current Academic Year (2016-17)

RecipientProject Title / DescriptionRequestAmount of AwardDate of Award
Sara Benson

Can Fair Use Be Adequately Taught to Librarians?
Assessing Librarians' Competence and Confidence in Understanding Fair Use Following an Expert Workshop

Instructor lodging and meals, participant incentives, and survey analysis $3,5383 Sep. 26, 2016

Mara Thacker

Exploring Perceptions of South Asian Comics: An Exploratory Study of Readers, Publishers, and Libraries Travel support and grad hourly wages $3,515.50 Nov. 10, 2016

Antonio Sotomayor

“La colonia soberana: Deporte Olímpico, identidad nacional y relaciones internacionales en Puerto Rico”

Professional translation services $5,000

Feb. 15, 2017

David Ward

Text Mining Reference Transcripts: Sentiment and Topical Analysis

Graduate and other hourly wages $3,748.23

May 5, 2017

Erin Kerby

Veterinary Medical Researchers' Perspectives on Data Management

Transcription services $1,980

May 15, 2017

Sara Benson and Hannah Stitzlein

A National Survey of Copyright Knowledge in Digital Collections Among DPLA-Contributing Institutions

Survey Creation $825

June 2, 2017

JJ Pionke

Library Impact on Veterans

Graduate hourly wages $2,367

June 2, 2017

Jim Hahn

Engineering Virtual Reality Experiences in Library Setting

Academic hourly wages $4,845.16

June 2, 2017

Laila Moustafa

British Museum and Library Preservation Plan during World War II

Travel support $1,880

June 2, 2017

Kit Condill

Using National Bibliographic Sources to Assess U.S. Collections of Turkic-Language Materials

Undergraduate, graduate, and academic hourly wages $4,990.50

June 2, 2017