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RPC Grants Awarded During the Academic Year 2011-2012

RecipientProject Title / DescriptionRequestAmount of AwardDate of Award

Mj Han

Timothy W. Cole

XML for Cataloging and Metadata Librarians Support for a grad hourly.



Cherie Weible

Historical Census Data on Kansas Libraries Research support.



Yoo-Seong Song

Applying Value Proposition and Library Management Models: Two Case Studies Support for travel.



Kirstin Dougan

Faculty and Librarian Perceptions of YouTube as a Tool for Music Scholarship Support for Undergraduate Student Hourly and ATLAS Survey and Statistics consulting.



Jim Hahn

Curricular Use of Mobile Computing Technology by a First-Year Learning Community Gift card incentives for focus groups.



Lynn Wiley

Understanding the Business of Library Acquisitions Support for research travel.



Beth Woodard

Writing Your Next Chapter: How to Find Your Mojo and Move Forward at Mid-Career (presentation title) Research methods books for untenured librarians, and partial support for half-day workshop by presenter Kerry Ann Rockquemore (see title to left). $4,000.00 2/3/12

JoAnn Jacoby

Problems of Knowledge & Authority in the Mapping of the Bay of Honduras Support for undergraduate student hourly to scan 9 rolls of microfilm of British Colonial Office records from CRL. $297.00 2/6/12

Merinda Hensley

Teaching the Publication Process Gift cards for focus group participation. $625.00 2/27/12

Jim Hahn and Qiang Jin

Formative Evaluation of Linked Library Data Student wages to work on data set creation. $1,000.00 3/30/12

Caroline Szylowicz

Proust's Reading: a chapter on Proust's readings and his relationship to the book as physical object, in a reference work to be published by Cambridge University Press ("Marcel Proust in Context," Fall 2013) Student wages. $2,016.00 5/4/12

Merinda Hensley

Assessment of undergraduate research: Student posters across disciplines Poster printing for ALA annual. $100.00 6/14/12

Merinda Hensley and Sarah Shreeves

Completing the research cycle: The role of libraries in the publication and dissemination of undergraduate student research Wages for a graduate hourly to analyze data. $570.00 6/20/12

Cherie' Weible

Historical Census Data on Kansas Libraries Academic hourly to review historical census data. $1,387.00 6/28/12


Total funds awarded to RPC grant recipients during academic year 2011-2012: $22,814.20