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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Paula Kaufman, presiding

1. Approval of faculty meeting minutes of  November 28, 2007

Minutes were approved with a motion by Gail Hueting, seconded by Tina Chrzastowski.

2. Introductions and University Librarian's report (Paula Kaufman)

Beth Woodard introduced Jenny Emanuel, Digital Resources and Reference Services Librarian. Jenny comes to us from the University of Central Missouri where she served as the Electronic Services Librarian for the last three years.  She received her masters degree in information science from the University of Chapel Hill, her undergraduate degree in foreign affairs from the University of Virginia and has completed coursework towards a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Missouri.  

Scott Walter introduced Robert Slater, Web Content Coordinator. Robert comes to us from Oakland University, and will be diving into the deep end of our Web site with upcoming meetings with CAPT, the Web Content Working Group, and (as soon as they can be scheduled) with the divisions.  

Paula has received no news on the budget for next year or the reserve money. State revenues are behind predictions so things don't look good for next year. She will attend a Budget Hearing in mid-March with the Provost.  

The Provost is interested in e-Science and data sets. Three institutions in CIC, Michigan, Penn State and us, will come together under Katehi to form the Data Communities Group. They are focusing on the underlying evidence behind the publications of our university presses. This pilot project will seek external funding. Paula has a working statement for this group and will be happy to send it out to anyone who requests it.  

Paula would like to thank Lynn Wiley for pointing us to Bob Wolven's article in the Winter 2008 Net Connect in Library Journal on new models for cooperative cataloging. It's a very thought provoking article on future directions in cataloging and in providing intellectual access. It's important we pay attention to some of these new ideas and methods for providing intellectual access.  

Paula wants to remind everyone that the next Town Hall meeting in this Friday from 9:00-10:30 in 66 Library and there is also one on Tuesday, March 12 in the ACES Heritage Room from 3:30-5:00. After these meetings the Budget Group + will look at all the input and start working on future actions.

3. ROI Study Report (Paula Kaufman)

(See attached study) (See PowerPoint)

This study was done by Elsevier to try and help the Library show a return on investment to University Administrators.

4. Committee Reports

1). Executive Committee (Chris Prom)

See EC Website for the minutes. Kathleen Kluegel suggested that all policies should be in one place. EC will look into having their policies page linked to the Services policy page.                 

2). Colloquium Committee (Adriana Cuervo)

On behalf of the colloquium committee, Adriana requested input on possible speakers for library colloquia. Librarians and archivists are working on interesting projects that are shaping the future of our profession so this is the time to invite them to our campus. Please feel free to pass along this information to the committee by February 14, so they can include the people you're interested in hearing.

Committee contact information:
Adriana Cuervo -
Al Kagan -
Anne Robbins -
Robert Slater -
Caroline Szylowicz -

Please remember to include the name of the person and a brief paragraph outlining the topic he/she will be covering in the lecture.  

5. Special Collections Division Report (Bill Maher)

The past year the Division has spent a lot of time thinking about the broader picture and trying to clarify their identity. What is Special Collections? The Division had a retreat with strategic planning activities. They focused on what they wanted to do with the things they have. They looked more at what they are doing with them. They identified three primary areas: Instruction and Research, Public Engagement, Collection Development and Stewardship. One of the elements that came out of the discussions was that they needed to try to get their story out there more and they needed to raise their visibility and identity. The key element in that was setting up the special collections month - February. They created a website - There is a calendar of events on the website. Of special interest is Gary Blackwood, children's author, who will be at Krannert and RBML on March 2 and 3.  

6. LibQUAL+ (Tina Chrzastowski)

Tina Chrzastowski made a brief presentation on the upcoming LibQUAL+ survey. Tina is chair of the Library Assessment Working Group (LAWG) that also includes Lisa Hinchliffe, JoAnn Jacoby, Lura Joseph, Kathleen Kern and Michael Norman.   The UIUC Library's LibQUAL+ survey will begin on March 20, 2008 and will end on April 10, 2008. Initial Email Invitation will go out March 20; a follow up email reminder will go out March 31; the survey ends: April 10, 2008 at midnight. They will be surveying the two student groups, Graduate Students (a sample of 600 students) and Undergraduate Students (a sample of 900 students). In addition, 100% of the following groups will be surveyed: Faculty, APs and Civil Service. You can preview the survey at: until about March 1, 2008. The five "additional" questions are dispersed throughout the survey and are numbers 6, 12, 14, 18 and 26.   All questions about the survey during implementation should go to Scott Walter, The email invitation will go out under Paula Kaufman's name. They expect to get survey results back from ARL by the late summer, and the LAWG will conduct an analysis and present results to the faculty by late 2008. They also welcome any individual or group interest in the survey results. For more information, contact LAWG Chair Tina Chrzastowski (

7. Library-ATLAS Data Services Collaboration (JoAnn Jacoby)

JoAnn Jacoby reported on the activities of the ATLAS-Library Collaboration Taskforce, which has launched a number of initiatives to support data services in the Library (see handout at Up-to-date information can be found on the website:  Data Services@The University Library <>.   Pat Allen asked about access to the website. He thinks it looks like it's for LAS Faculty, Staff and Students only and that it is fee-based with the first four hours each semester being free. JoAnn said there are two labs that have GIS packages open to all people. Everything offered through the Library is not fee-based.   Miranda Remnek commented that she had attended a GIS workshop through ATLAS and the level of instruction was excellent. Faculty can get free demonstrations for classes.   Lynn Wiley reminded everyone that RPC can pick up the cost if they are doing research.

8. Illinois OCLC WorldCat Local Pilot Project (Peggy Steele)

Peggy Steele reported on this next generation user interface. This pilot project is being coordinated by Lincoln Trails. Our participation will run six months once it's started and is being coordinated by Lynn Wiley, Michael Norman, Bill Mischo, Robert Slater, Merinda Hensley, Greg Youngen, and Peggy. The link to the WorldCat Local implementation at the University of Washington Libraries is

The WorldCat Local search box is on the top right at "Search UW Libraries and beyond".   In addition to experimenting with the new interface you can also click on the information icon (a lowercase "i") to learn what the WorldCat Local service offers to UW users.

If you try a few searches, be sure to note the faceted browse capability provided by the "Refine your search" column on the left side of the initial results screen.

Watch Libnews for information on the upcoming WorldCat Local pilot project here at Illinois. An internal team will do testing. When the product is ready it will be released to the Library community and there will be a link from the Gateway page. They will also have an information forum about the project and demonstration.

OCLC will be collecting feedback that the team will see. The team will also continue to look at other next generation products.

9. Old business

There was no old business.

10. New business

There was no new business.

11. Announcements

February 12, 9am, Grainger - Forum on Promotion to full professor.

12. Adjournment

Motioned by JoAnn Jacoby, seconded by Kathleen Kern.