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Substitute Section III for Librarians

Section III of ‘Outline for Promotion Dossier,' to be substituted for Communications #9 Section III.


III.A:  Summary of Librarianship and Instruction.

III.A.0:  Descriptive Data: Librarianship.

The following areas are given for guidance only and are not prescriptive.  You may construct your own categories as appropriate, e.g.  "User services" instead of reference, user education and faculty liaison. Generally, no more than three areas will be addressed.  Put your most substantial categories first, and use a narrative form, not a bullet list.


III.A.1 Descriptive Data: Instruction.

III.A.2 Supervision of Graduate Students.

III.A.3. Supervision of Undergraduate Students.

III.A.4 Other Contributions to Instructional Programs.

III.B Evaluation of Librarianship and Instruction.

III.B.1 Student ICES Course Evaluation Questionnaires.

III.B.2. Candidate's Report and Self-Review of Activities in the Area of Librarianship.


III.B.3 Departmental Evaluation of Librarianship.

TIPS (for annual evaluators):