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Biology and Life Sciences Planning Team



As part of the New Service Models discussions conducted during Spring 2009, several proposals were reviewed related to coordination, integration, and enhancement of Library services delivered in support of interdisciplinary research and teaching in the life sciences. While the specifics of individual proposals differed, each was informed by common concerns regarding the sustainability of the existing network of departmental libraries, the need to address the changes in the ways in which faculty and students access and make use of print and digital content in these fields, and the desire to look across the current Library service program (including programs supported by the Institute for Natural Resource Sustainability and the University of Illinois at Chicago's Library of the Health Sciences) to determine how best to plan for ongoing support for the Urbana campus commitment to interdisciplinary initiatives in the life sciences.



The Biology and Life Sciences Planning Team will:







Proposed Membership


Faculty from relevant units:

    School of Integrative Biology:

§  Fred Delcomyn (Director of SIB, involved in physiology, neurobiology, and entomology)

§  Bettina Francis (Entomology)



§  Carla E. Cáceres (Associate Professor, Animal Biology)

§  May Berenbaum (Professor and Head of Entomology)

§  Lisa Ainsworth (Assistant Professor of Plant Biology)

§  Michael Dietze (Assistant Professor of Plant Biology)


   School of Molecular & Cellular Biology (1-2 of the following):




Life science faculty outside the SoLS:




Library faculty:


Library staff:


  [ptk1]How about: examine the proposals submitted during Spring 2009 to create more sustainable models for providing library services and resources to support research and teaching in the biological and life sciences and recommend the most effective and cost-efficient model.