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Charge & Membership: Library eResearch Task Force


The Library’s eResearch Task Force focuses on developing the Library’s strategic agenda for eResearch programs across the disciplines.  The overall goal of the Task Force is to articulate the foundation for Library eResearch programs, services and infrastructure with a view to consistency, and to establish rich connections to researchers in numerous disciplines.  This group identifies the portfolio of Library services, the professional competencies, and the training opportunities that are required in order for the Library to develop and support effective eResearch programs and services.  The Task Force articulates immediate eResearch program and service needs and identifies solutions in the Library to address them, whether that be through newly-formed or existing groups, units, or individual responsibilities.  The Task Force also articulates mid- and long-term needs, and identifies either existing or new structures within the Library to develop and support them.

eResearch TF Background documents for Conversation at November 14 2012 Library Faculty meeting:

Library eResearch Forum, September 17, 2012 Presentation:  

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Susan Braxton, Prairie Research Institute, Liaison to Reference Services Committee;

Harriett Green, Literatures and Languages Library

Tom Habing, Library IT

Karen Hogenboom, Social Sciences and GIS, Liaison to Data Services Cttee.

Chris Prom, University Archives, Special Collections

Mary Schlembach, Engineering and Physical Sciences

Sarah Shreeves, Scholarly Commons / RRSS, Liaison to Scholarly Communications Cttee., Data Services Cttee.

Sarah Williams, Life Sciences, Data Services Cttee.

            Chair:  Beth Sandore Namachchivaya