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Paula Kaufman


Paula T. Kaufman

What Keeps Me Up At Night: The Future of Academic Librarianship
Copyright © Paula T. Kaufman. Used with permission.
Date of Speech - April 26, 2000.
Length - 105 minutes.
Format - RealAudio®

Paula T. Kaufman has been University Librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since September 7, 1999.

"What Keeps Me up at Night The Future of Academic Librarianship" Paula Kaufman University Librarian at University of Illinois. " In decades past, academic librarianship was an attractive profession, of interest to both persons with academic training who learned from observation or a student job opportunity that librarianship was a wonderfully rewarding career and to persons training to be librarians whose first choice among all job opportunities was to work in an academic library. From the end of World War II until about 15 years ago, academic libraries had budgets sufficient to purchase not just those materials needed by today’s scholars but materials future scholars were anticipated to need as well.......But things changed in the 1980's and those changes continue to wreak havoc on the environment of the "good old days."....This talk will focus on the crises faced in recruiting and retaining academic librarians and in attracting some of them to leadership roles. It will cover the several factors that appear to cause our current situation and suggest some strategies for managing them - at least at a level sufficient to let me sleep a bit at night."

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