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Richard Jones and Sonja Jordan

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Richard Jones and Sonja Jordan

Music as a Model for Programmatic Preservation
Copyright © Richard Jones and Sonja Jordan. Used with permission.
Date of Speech - April 13, 1999.
Length - 94 minutes.
Format - RealAudio®

The preservation of library collections and resources presents a variety of challenges. In this workshop, using music as a model, Richard Jones, Music Librarian and Sonja Jordan, Preservation Unit Head of Notre Dame University, will review the many special considerations involved in preservation of music scores, books about music, sound and video recordings, and the basis for making appropriate decisions about them. The presentation will emphasize the importance of a preservation program that begins when an item is added to the collection and continues as long as the item is appropriate to the needs of the institution, considering both the content and the physical format. The methods of debeloping a subject-oriented programmed approach to preservation will be examined.

The presentation will examine binding and enclosure options that enhance operability, usability, and durability; shelving practices for odd-sized materials or complex assembly of materials, and preservation reformatting options for brittle or non-durable materials. While many common preservation treatments for books are not possible for use with music scores, there are preservation strategies that ensure that a library is engaged in the best possible preservation practices. The preservation workshop will include printed handouts, slides, and examples of available products and preservation treatments. Information from original announcement of lecture.

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