Discovery and Delivery Study Team (DDST)

Our Purpose

The Discovery and Delivery Study Team is charged to develop a recommended “discovery and delivery strategy” for the University Library. Developing this strategy entails comprehensive review of how the Library currently facilitates discovery of and provide access to content, the marketplace of current and emerging search, retrieval and access technologies, and approaches for coordinating methods and techniques throughout the Library’s decentralized service structure as well as articulations of principles and assumptions that should guide the Library’s work in this area. The Discovery and Delivery Study Team will review the Priorities (2003) from the Taskforce on Access, and evaluate the Library’s implementation work over the past decade as well as user perspectives gathered through user surveys, usability studies, and search log analysis.  Through this review, as well as forums for library employees and users to discuss current challenges and opportunities, the Team will identify 4-6 topics for small groups to investigate.  The Study Team will recommend the topics and small group membership to CAPT, which will determine both the topics and the makeup of the small groups.  The small groups will investigate these topics in detail and develop recommendations. The Study Team will then articulate these recommendations as well as principles and assumptions into an integrated discovery and delivery strategy, which will be submitted to CAPT.