Bette Nance Terry

Description: Bette Jean Nance Terry (1922-2016) enrolled at U of I in 1940 and became a member of the Alpha Chi Omega fraternity. In the interview Terry recounts her work as a reporter for the Daily Illini and the changes that took place on campus when many of the young men left school for the war, including her recollections of … Read More

Geraldine North Marrs

Description: Geraldine North Marrs (1913-2012) graduated in 1935. She received a scholarship and majored in Education. Geraldine was active in the Women’s League and she joined the Phi Epsilon Omicron honorary society. Geraldine said that the Great Depression meant having less pocket money and a harder time on the job market. Date of Interview: 6/8/2001 Interviewer: Ellen Swain Transcript: Geraldine North Marrs … Read More

Wanda Spencer Larson

Description: Wanda Spencer Larson (1918-2003) graduated in 1938.  She majored in Education and joined the Chi Omega sorority. Wanda had rich memories of the manners and mores of campus life at the time. Date of Interview: 1/19/2001 Interviewer: Ellen Swain Transcript: Wanda Spencer Larson Oral History Transcript Related Resources: Archives Alumni Oral History Project Files

Grace Green Clifford

Description: Grace Green Clifford (1909-2006) graduated in 1931, and she studied English and Philosophy.  While in college, Grace joined a sorority and participated in events at the YWCA and the Women’s League.  Grace said that her family sometimes had financial difficulties during the Depression. Date of Interview: 5/25/2001 Interviewer: Ellen Swain Transcript: Grace Green Clifford Oral History Project Related Resources: Archives Alumni Oral History … Read More