Leroy McCray

Leroy McCray

Description: Leroy McCray is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And even though he had a full-ride Track and Field Scholarship offer from Temple, he didn’t want to go to college so close to his high school. His “Welcome to Champaign” included an unfriendly roommate, racial harassment, and a militant police response to a mostly peaceful demonstration at the Illini Union. Leroy’s … Read More

Patricia McKinney-Lewis

Description: As a high school senior in Danville, Patricia McKinney-Lewis hadn’t originally planned on seeking attendance at the University of Illinois. Participating in American Legion Conferences held annually at Gregory Hall, however, caused her to develop a high opinion of Illinois early on. She viewed it as a highly prestigious institution; maybe too prestigious for her. Project 500 Recruiters convinced … Read More

Raynard Hall

Raynard Hall

Description: Raynard Hall had always knew he wanted to go to college, despite his dad having different ideas for him. He only learned about Project 500 after arriving at Illinois in August 1968. It didn’t take long for him to get involved with student activism on campus, although he describes the Sep. 10, 1968 incident at the Union in passive … Read More

Malcom Rockhold

Malcolm Rockhold

Description: Voice Over Artist Malcolm Rockhold came to U of I in the fall of 1969. He talks about his rough transition to campus culture, but credits Jeffrey Roberts and other Project 500 sophomores for helping him find his way. His interview provides insight on the importance of community and mentoring for black college freshmen at Predominantly White Institutions (PWI) … Read More

Laquida Glover

LaQuida Glover

Description: Laquida Glover was born in Batesville, Mississippi. She was attracted to the University of Illinois through a Project 500 Newspaper flyer promising free tuition for college. Her mother, Thelma Thomas Glover Childress, was active in the Civil Rights Movement. She talks about the influences her upbringing and experiences at the University of Illinois had on her journey to becoming … Read More

Connie Eggleston

Connie Eggleston

Description: Connie Penda-Eggelston was born in Chicago in 1948 to well-known musicians. Her older brother, a Project 500 Recruiter, convinced her to come back to the Illinois in 1968 after she withdrew from the University from her first term starting in 1966. She was a member of BSA and participated in the September 10, 1968 Union Demonstration. Participating in cultural … Read More

David Bechtel & Hugh Satterlee

Description: David Bechtel was a student at University of Illinois during the early 1960s and eventually became an assistant dean in charge of men’s residences in 1969 before he moved to the undergraduate career center in 1972. Hugh Satterlee served as an administrator in various capacities from the 1960s to 1980s, including Dean of Students. In this interview Bechtel and … Read More

Eisenman Tapes

This collection consists of audio recorded by David Eisenman, Assistant Dean of Students, during the years of Project 500, and touches on his first-hand accounts of the protests by African American students against their placement in sub-standard housing in the first weeks of the program.