Charles McNaughton

Description: Charles McNaughton (1905-2009) graduated in 1928.  He began his studies in Architecture, but switched to Education after he heard of the coming Depression. Charles lived with his brother and a group of friends during college; and they enjoyed playing intramural basketball. He also joined ROTC. Date of Interview: 6/16/2001 Interviewer: Ellen Swain Transcript: Charles McNaughton Oral History Transcript Related Resources: Archives Alumni Oral … Read More

Jean Lattan

Description: Jean Lattan (1909-2002) was a member of the Class of 1932.  He received a scholarship to the U of I and majored in Engineering and Mathematics. Jean said that he did not especially notice the effects of the Great Depression, but he worked as a waiter during college. Also, Jean was a member of the Glee Club and he was … Read More

Jack Foersterling

Description: Frederick Jack Foersterling (1916-2002) graduated in 1937 with a degree in Political Science.  While a student, Jack joined ROTC and the Theta Xi fraternity.  Later, he earned a JD from Valparaiso University.  Jack did not experience financial hardship during the Depression. Date of Interview: 5/27/2001 Interviewer: Ellen Swain Transcript: Jack Foersterling Oral History Transcript Related Resources: Archives Alumni Oral History Project Files

Austin Dyson

Description: Austin Dyson (1915-2013) was a member of the Class of 1937. He studied Electrical Engineering, and he was a member of ROTC. Austin said his family had a hard time during the Great Depression. In fact, Austin worked as a golf caddy throughout college to pay for his education. Date of Interview: 4/5/2001 Interviewer: Ellen Swain Transcript: Austin Dyson Oral History Transcript Related … Read More

Dan Perrino

Description: Daniel Perrino (1921-2012) began his studies at the U of I in 1940. He was active in ROTC and in a band. Daniel was at the Virginia Theater when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Along with a group of friends, Daniel talked with the President of the University about the event. He became more involved with ROTC, and eventually served … Read More