Undergraduate Library Receives New Name

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees approved the renaming of the Undergraduate Library at its May 18 meeting. The building’s new name is officially Archives and Special Collections which better reflects the building’s new purpose—to house the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, the Illinois History and Lincoln Collections, and the University Archives.

From the May 18 BOT minutes:

The Chancellor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Vice President, University of Illinois System, with the concurrence of the appropriate administrative officers, recommends approving a proposal from the University Library to rename the Undergraduate Library as the Archives and Special Collections.

The University Library’s rare and archival collections are an extraordinary university asset. Currently, the campus’ special collections are scattered throughout campus, with resources residing in the Main Library, the Horticulture Field Laboratory, the Oak Street Library Facility, and other sites. In 2009, the University Library completed a master plan that proposed transforming the Undergraduate Library into an archives and special collections facility. In 2019, the Library moved from a broader conceptual design to specific planning to use the Undergraduate Library as a dedicated home for rare and archival collections. In 2022, the Board approved the project budget and design for the related capital construction project. The plans will create a new home to house the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, the Illinois History and Lincoln Collections, and the University Archives. The proposed renaming will better reflect the building’s new purpose. This facility will foster engagement with resources that transcend disciplinary boundaries, leverage access to enduring historical collections, and provide a service environment that is conducive to expanded services while also showcasing the unique collections held by the University.

The Board action recommended in this item complies in all material respects with applicable State and federal laws, University of Illinois Statutes, The General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure, and Board of Trustees policies and directives.

No funding is required for this action.

The President of the University of Illinois System concurs.