Library Committee Handbook

Web Content Working Group

Web Content Working Group Charge and Membership


The Web Content Working Group reports to CAPT and is chaired by the Web Content Coordinator. The group will coordinate its activities with other working groups and library departments, as warranted. Working groups are accountable for their decisions and are expected to share decisions with library colleagues. Any proposals that the group develops requiring policies must be approved by CAPT after due consideration by other appropriate library bodies. Any proposals generated by a working group that require funding for implementation must be referred to either the IT Advisory Committee or Library's Budget Group for funding approval. The chair of the working group is expected to update CAPT on its activities on a regular basis.


The charge of the Web Content Working Group is to:


The working group should not exceed six members and should consist of the following:

Web Content Coordinator (chair), an expert in CSS/HTML and the CMS system, Library staff member(s) with responsibilities for marketing, communications, public affairs, or community engagement, Library staff member(s) with experience and expertise in the field of usability testing and/or assessment of library services, and at least one individual working in the delivery of public services.