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Promotion & Tenure, Peer Review, and Annual Faculty Review Documents



Calendar for P & T, Peer Review, and Faculty Review Activities

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Faculty Review Committee Documents:


Charge, Composition, and Current Membership of FRC


Annual Reviews:

2014 Letter to Faculty
2014 Annual Review Report Guidelines 
2014 Annual Review Scoring Guidelines 
2013 Outline of Promotion Dossier Form from p. 22-37 of the most recent version of Provost Communication No. 9 which is dated "SEPTEMBER 2012; REVISED SEPTEMBER 2012" (as of January 3, 2014), with rev. for Librarianship. Promotion paper and cover sheet instructions begin on p. 21.  NOTE:  Always refer to the latest update of the Provost's Communication no. 9 for the current format of the dossier.
Provost Communication 21: Annual Review of Faculty

Peer Reviews:

Statement on the Relationship between Tenure Track Faculty and Peer Review Committees
Guidelines & Procedures for Peer Review Committees for Untenured Library Faculty (Updated October 2006)
Untenured Faculty Peer Review Committee Assignments (Updated September 8, 2014)
Guidelines & Procedures for Peer Review Committees for Tenured Library Faculty

Sample Evaluative Statements for Substitute Section III of P & T Dossier
Provost Communication 13: Review of Faculty in Year Three of Probationary Period
FRC Evaluative Criteria for 4Y PRC Reports (Updated May 2007)

Promotion & Tenure Advisory Committee Documents:

Charge, Composition, and Current Membership of PTA
PTA New Chair Checklist
Library PTA Committee Deliberative Policies & Procedures When Considering P & T Cases

UIUC Library Documents Pertaining to Promotion & Tenure:

UIUC Library Statement on Promotion & Tenure (Last updated February 2000)
For Library Faculty -- Substitute Section III of P & T Dossier
Dossier Guidelines for Library Faculty (2/25/2011)
Guidelines for Selection of External and Internal Reviewers for Library Tenure Cases (02/04/13)
University Library Guidelines for Requesting Appointment with Rank of Associate Professor or Professor (09/25/12)
General Process for Candidates Seeking Promotion to Full Professor (9/21/12)

Campus Documents:

Provost Communication 9: Promotion and Tenure
Frequently Asked Questions about Promotion and Tenure
Public Engagement -- A Faculty Guide for Relating Public Service to the Promotion and Tenure Review ProcessUIUC Public Engagement website
Provost Communication 3: Appointments of Faculty and Academic Professionals
Provost Communication 5: Initial Term ("Q") Appointments...
Provost Communication 10: Guidelines and Procedures for Notice of Nonreappointment for Nontenured Faculty Members
Provost Communication 14: Special Tenure Code Provision for Appointments Beginning after August
Provost Communication 15: Effect of Leave Without Pay on the Probationary Period
Provost Communication 16: Policy on Interruptions of the Probationary Period (Tenure Code Rollbacks)

Faculty Information on Research:

Library Faculty Database
Research & Publication Committee Website

Library Staff Homepage