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Innovation Fund

2016-2017 Innovation Fund


Fund Title

Final Report

JaEun Jemma Ku, Jon Gunderson, Nicholas Hoyt From Remediation to Proliferation: Mainstreaming the Accessibility of Web Available

2015-2016 Innovation Fund


Fund Title

Final Report

Joshua Harris, Eric Kurt Audiovisual Documentation of Joseph Tykociner Sound on  Film Preservation Project                                                                                          Available
JaEun Ku, Jon Gunderson, William Weathers                             From Remediation to Proliferation - Mainstreaming the Accessibility of Web Resources                                                                                           Available
Sarah Christensen, Harriett Green, Eleanor Dickson, Robert Baird, Merinda Hensley                                                                                      Interdisciplinary Hackathons: an Innovative Grant Available
Ellen Swain, James Whitacre, Susanne Belovari Mapping History at the University of Illinois: a Digital Humanities Project Available
Anna Chen The Mailbag Available

June 2015 Innovation Fund

PIFund TitleFinal Report
Jim Hahn, Jen-chien Yu, Megan Osuchowski Exploration of Data Analytics Tools for Library Data Available

January 2015 Innovation Fund

PIFund TitleFinal Report
Lisa Hinchliffe Occasional Reports Series Available
Anna Chen RBML Video Series Available

June 2014 Innovation Fund


Fund Title

Final Report

William Weathers Building a Repository for Print Holdings Available
MJ Han, Nicole Ream-Sotomayor, Patricia Lampron, Janet Weber Developing a Web Application "MarcMaker" Available
Susan Avery, Jim Hahn International Student Search Query Support with the Freebase API Available
Qiang Jin, Jim Hahn Preparing for the post-MARC world: BIBFRAME Transformation for Enhanced Discovery Available

2013-2014 Innovation Fund

PIFund TitleFinal Report
Jennifer Teper, Cherie' Weible, William Schlaack, Annette Morris Preservation Metrics and their Applications to Prioritize Treatments Available
Kirstin Dougan MPAL iPad Loans Available
Jennifer Teper, Cher Schneider, Rohit Bhargava Spectral Analysis of Leather Surface Treatments for Conservation Available
Valerie Hotchkiss ShE-books Pilot/Head Start Project Available

2012-2013 Innovation Fund

PIFund TitleFinal Report
Joanne Kaczmarek, Tracy Popp, Chris Prom, Kyle Remkus, Sarah Shreeves, Ellen Swain Charlotte: Building a Web Harvesting Service Available
Tom Habing, MJ Han, Betsy Kruger, Kyle Rimkus Increasing Library Contributions to the HathiTrust Available

2011-2012 Innovation Fund

PIFund TitleFinal Report
Sarah Christensen, Merinda Hensley, Sarah Shreeves Curatescape Chambana Available
Jim Hahn Applied Research in Institutionalizing and Sustaining Diversity Recruitment in Library Settings Available
Kirk Hess Transcribing Serialized Fiction Available
Chris Prom iKive-A Trusted Personal Archives Service Partial report