Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council Charge and Current Membership


The Administrative Council serves as an advisory body to the University Librarian with regard to the promulgation and implementation of standards, regulations and procedures that relate to the general operating policies of the Library and such other advisory functions as may be assigned or delegated to it by the University Librarian.  The primary responsibility of the Administrative Council is the day-to-day management of the Library.


John Wilkin, University Librarian, Chair
Beth Namachchivaya, Associate University Librarian for Research
JoAnn Jacoby, Assistant University Librarian for User Services
Tom Teper, Associate University Librarian for Collections & Technical Services
Shuyong Jiang, Coordinator, Area Studies Division (8/16/15-8/15/18)
Chris Quinn, Coordinator, Arts & Humanities (8/16/15-8/15/18)
Susan Avery, Coordinator, Central Public Services Division 8/16/13-8/15/17)
Sarah Williams, Coordinator, Life Sciences Division (08/16/16-08/15/18)
Mary Schlembach, Coordinator, Physical Sciences and Engineering Division (8/16/15-8/15/18)
Lisa Romero, Coordinator, Social Sciences Division (8/16/15-8/15/18)
Joanne Kaczmarek, Coordinator, Special Collections Division n(8/16/14-8/15/17)
Mary Laskowski, Coordinator, Technical and Automated Services Division (8/16/15-8/15/18)- Budget Group Representative (8/16/16-8/15/18)
Kyle McCafferty, Representative, Library Staff Support Committee