Special Collections

What We Do

While many units in the Library have special collections six units specialize in curating and providing access to special collections materials. These units include:
  1. the Illinois History and Lincoln Collections Library,
  2. the Map Library, the Rare Book and Manuscript Library,
  3. the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music,
  4. the Student Life and Culture Archives and
  5. University Archives.
The materials curated and managed by the Special Collections Division are generally considered unique or rare, are often primary source material, and often need special handling or mediated access. Special Collections Division materials will likely not be able to be checked out but at the same time, using the materials to support your research or satisfy your curiosity will truly be a memorable experience.


  • Joanne S Kaczmarek, Chair
  • William Maher
  • Chris Prom
  • Joanne Kaczmarek
  • Susanne Belovari
  • Jameatris Rimkus
  • Linda Stahnke
  • Bethany Anderson
  • Cara Bertram
  • Ellen Swain
  • Anna Trammell
  • Scott Schwartz
  • Sarah Harris
  • Catalina Hernandez
  • Hannah Jellen
  • Joyce Meyer
  • Katie Nichols
  • Emily Schneider
  • Nolan Vallier
  • Jenny Marie Johnson
  • James Cotter
  • David Griffiths
  • Krista Gray
  • Lynne Thomas
  • Linda Bial
  • Adam Doskey
  • Sarah Hoover
  • Tony Hynes
  • Katherine Bergen
  • Gabriella Stuardi
  • Eva Miller
  • Chloe Ottenhoff
  • Caroline Szylowicz
  • Claire Berman
  • Siobhan McKissic
  • Katie Funderburg

Agendas and Minutes