June 2011 Program in the U.S.

Ten Chinese library directors and project observer, Xiangdong Yan will participate in the Professional Development Program in the US from June 7th to June 28th, 2011. Their itineraries will include:

Chinese Library Directors and Project Observer Information:

Name Bio information What to learn from the visit
Ding Li
Ding, Li
Ningxia Library
Mr. Ding graduated in library science of Wu Han University and has worked in Ningxia Library since then. He has worked as vice director of Reference Department, the deputy curator, the Communist Party Branch Secretary as well as the curator of Ningxia Library. He received the professional title of Librarian in 1987, Associate Professor in 1993 and the title of Professor in 2000. Ding Li has been devoted to the study of library science, philology, cultural history and history of Chinese Muslims. --Understand libraries development trends;
--Get enlightenment on strategies used in the popularization of library profession in U.S.;
--Learn the technical support of U.S. digital libraries and the mechanism of information sharing.
Li Guoxin
Li, Guoxin
Department of Information Management, Peking University
Mr. Li is the co-chair of Academic Professional Committee of Library Society of China. He has been the leader of a research and legislating team for several years. The research programs include “Public Library Construction Standards of China”, “Township Integrated Cultural Station Construction Standards of China” and “Public Library Law of China”. He earned a PHD degree in the Department of Information Management at Peking University and has been a faculty member for 26 years at Peking University. Know the modern management of library organization and the research methods in library science.
Wang Kaixue
Wang, Kaixue
Deputy Director
Shanxi Library
Mr. Wang graduated from History Department of Shanxi University and was assigned to Shanxi Library. He is responsible for Ancient books, Local Literature and Research work. He has published three monographs, and participated in the compiling of many books, and authoring nearly 20 articles. He obtained the research librarian qualifications in September 2010. He is now Deputy Curator of Shanxi Library, and a member of Shanxi Library Academic Society and the Chinese Library Academic Society For Disabled Person Reads, among others. --Know the advanced management ideas, the programs pattern and the service characteristics of U.S. Public Library and the American Library Association;
--Learn how American colleagues use libraries to inherit civilization and to serve the community.
Wen Defeng
Wen, Defeng
Heilongjiang Provincial Library
Mr. Wen graduated from Harbin Motor Manufacturing School, and has worked in Heilongjiang Provincial Library until now. In 1991, he obtained a B.A. degree by correspondence undergraduate courses of Peking University, majoring in Library Science. He has served in Heilongjiang Provincial Library as deputy director of social education division, deputy director of Counseling and Training Division, and director of Education and Training Center. He currently is the director of Counseling and Training Division, and director of Education and Training Center. --Organization System and management of libraries;
--Approaches and forms of academic study in libraries;
--Organizational features and activities of Librarians Associations.
Xu Daping
Xu, Daping
Deputy Director
Shaanxi  Library
Mr. Xu graduated from Chinese Department of Northwest University majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, and was assigned to Shaanxi Library. He took the post of Deputy Director in 1998, and has been professor librarian of books and reference material series since 2003, taking charge of the Acquisitions & Cataloguing Department, Ancient Books and Local Documents Construction Department, Reference Consultation Department, Library Society Office. He is Secretary General and Deputy Director in Editing and Publishing Commission of Shaanxi Society for Library Science, and Deputy Chairman of Shaanxi Province Information Society of Social Sciences. He has published many academic theses, articles and books on library science, literary study and commentary, and interpretation and collation of ancient books. Financing of Library Associations
Xu Jianye
Xu, Jianye
Deputy Director
Nanjing Library
Mr. Xu earned a bachelor degree from Library and Information Science Department, and a masters degree from Social Sciences Information Graduate School, East China Normal University. He was avisiting scholar at the Department of Information and Library Studies, Wales University at Aberystwyth. He served as reference librarian, executive secretary, vice-head of Administrative office, and Chief Librarian assistant at Nanjing Library. He currently is the Deputy Librarian, in charge of main professional affairs of Nanjing library, tutor of Post-graduate students, Information and Library Science School of Nanjing Agricultural University and part-time Professor of Library Science Institute of Southeast University;. He is also a member of Librarian Research Committee of China Library Society and the director of Information Resource-sharing Committee of Jiangsu Library Society. --Latest methods and patterns of American Library Association management;
--Enhance further communication with U.S. colleagues and professional cooperation;
--Know the reading trends and features of ordinary Americans in the new network environment and the behavior of Library Associations.
Xu Xinlu
Xu, Xinlu
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region library
Mr. Xu is the director of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Library and his title is research librarian. He workedin Guilin Library of Guangxi starting in 1980, and served as deputy department head in the Reading Department, head of office, and deputy director. He transferred to Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Library in April, 2005, and served as director. During his 30-year work in library, he has been engaged in reader service, research guidance, library management, information and digital resources construction, literature information resources development and utilization etc. To know the operation and management system of library and library associations, library project planning, reader service and library information construction etc.
Yu, Qun
Bureau of Social Culture, Ministry of Culture
In 1981, Mr. Yu graduated from Northeast University and got the Master of Law. From 1981-2009, Yu Qun has devoted himself to different occupations, such as a teacher in the University and a government officer. Now he is the Director of Bureau of Social Culture, Ministry of Culture, and is responsible for the management of the public libraries in China. --Qualification Certification of Librarians in U.S.;
--Important Work Field of ALA;
--ALA’ Work in Cooperation and Organization.
Zhang Bo
Zhang, Bo
Deputy Director
Chongqing Library
Mr. Zhang graduate from School of Information Management Wuhan University. He has worked in the Automation Department of Chongqing Library, becoming the Deputy Director of Automation Department in Chongqing Library, and then the Assistant Director of Chongqing Library. He currently is the Deputy Director of Chongqing Library. He is interested in the topics of the administration of digital library and library history. --Initiative of Library Association;
--To know foreign digital library development ;
--To Learn foreign library business philosophy and the operation of Library Associations.
Yan Xiangdong
Yan, Xiangdong
Secretary General
Library Society of China( National Library of China)
To study the performance and the organization of the U.S. libraries.

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