Think Globally Act Globally

Program Outlines

Three Professional Development Programs in the U.S.

Three different audiences of 30 Chinese librarians (total) will come for three weeks each, as follows:
1) LibraryDirectors (Jun/Jul ‘09)
2) Library Educators (Jan. ‘10)   
3) Library Technology Managers (May ‘10)

Their itinerary will be:
one week at the Mortenson Center
one week visiting U.S. host libraries, and
one week to ALA or other conferences available at the time.

Six Continuing Education Programs in China

We want to send 30 U.S. librarians to participate. Each program is expected to last 8-10 days, in varying locations in China.  All trips are scheduled to occur as following:
2009: May, September and October 
2010: February, April, and July

Topics, as requested by the LSC:
Laws, policies, and strategic plans of U.S. libraries
Library management and operational mechanisms
Public library services
Library assessment and librarians’ professional development, promotion and evaluation system
Public relations activities and their values
Academic libraries, special libraries, library education, and professional organizations in the U.S.

See here for more detailed description about these topics.