May 2009 Continuing Education Program in Nanjing, China

Presenter Bios and Presentation Abstracts and Powerpoint Files

These topics are the most desired ones that the Chinese librarians would like to learn about, based on the Library Society of China's survey at the beginning of the project.

Name(in alphabetical order)  Presentation Topic  Presentation Powerpoint
Robert Fernekes, Presenter Bio Library assessment Abstract Part1 2
Mengxiong Liu, Presenter Bio Public library services Abstract Part1 2 3 4 5 6
Susan Schnuer, Co-Pi from UIUC Bio Library management Abstract Part1 2
Sha Li Zhang, Team Leader Bio Library associations Abstract Part1
Wenwen Zhang, Presenter Bio Public relations Abstract Part1
Lisa Zhao, Presenter Bio Library Laws Abstract Part1

Pre-training at UIUC [View the Photo Gallery]

To establish a curriculum for all six educational programs, the grant project held a pre-training session for the first group of presenters.

Local public service experts and a webtool specialist were invited to assist with the preparation for the training. The training session was held from April 6-8th at UIUC campus.

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