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2011 programs in the US

  • September program in the US
  • June-July program in the US. The photos are provided by Xiaowen Qian.

2011 programs in China

  • October Program at Shanxi Province, China

  • May Program at Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China

  • Training for presenters travelling to China in May

2010 programs in China

  • July Program at Changchun, Haerbin and Hefei, China

  • May Program in China

  • March Program at Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, China

2009 programs in China

  • November Program at Nanning, GuangXi, China

  • September Program in China

  • May Program at Nanjing, China
    May 2009 Program

  • IT Team at China
    Beijing Yitong NENU Suzhou

2010 programs in U.S.

  • June/July Program in the U.S.

2009 programs in U.S.

  • June/July 2009 Program in the U.S.

  • Open Session/Pre-training at Chicago

  • April Training for the May 2009 Presenters
    April Training

  • Project orientation session at ALA midwinter in Denver
    ALA Midwinter meeting

  • Signing Ceremony
    Signing Ceremony

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