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What do the Library, emerging technology, and a monastery have in common? To answer that question you have to understand the unconventional collaboration between two library units: the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs, a unique profe …

Although it was the middle of the rainy season, I had the great pleasure of spending two weeks in Tokyo this summer, visiting six universities and purchasing books for the University Library. One of the highlights was attending the Japan Illini Club’s …

From July 25 through August 1, 2016, I traveled to Brazil seeking to learn from their library systems, establish library contacts, explore avenues for collaboration, visit the offices of our long time vendor of Brazilian books, learn from Brazilian and …

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A gift from a Library Friend has funded a display case (and permanent home) for a camera belonging to the Illinois alumnus who shaped 20th-century journalism.

As an undergraduate, I found the vast, high, light-filled reading room to be a sort of temple of learning—most of which I despaired of ever mastering—and in graduate school, after taking courses on the use of the library for research, I was even more awed by how much of human knowledge is contained in that building. Illinois is a great university, and the Library is its heart.

— Roger Ebert

BS, 1964