Primary Source VILLAGE

Lesson plan: primary source documents

This lesson plan, prepared by the University Archives' Student Life and Culture Archival Program, is designed to engage students in the reading and interpretation of primary source documents in a group or classroom setting.

Students are encouraged to work through the Primary Source Village Tutorial in advance of this 30 minute discussion in order to ensure that they are all familiar with the fundamentals of primary sources and their use.

The plan is divided into four topical areas, each based upon a different set of documents available in the University of Illinois Archives.

At right are links to the lesson plan and digital reproductions of these documents. You can save these images to your own computer and then import them to Word files and/or PowerPoint presentations for use in the classroom.

Download the Lesson Plan

Student Life at the University of Illinois
From the Dianne Sautter Campbell Papers, 1967-1971
Campbell's memories, page 1
Campbell's memories, page 2
Campbell's memories, page 3
Campbell's memories, page 4
Campbell's memories, page 5
Letter in newspaper
Pledge photo
Protest photo

The Great Depression
From the Allen Hicks Papers, 1939-1943
Hicks memories, page 1
Hicks memories, page 2
Hicks memories, page 3
Hicks memories, page4
Freshman account sheet
Sophomore account sheet
Junior account sheet
Senior account sheet
Hicks photo

The University of Illinois and the Cold War
Documents related to the Clabaugh Act
Hoover bulletin
Letter from Hoover
Rubicon Review
Students Against Clabaugh
DuBois club protest

The Co-ed University
Documents relating to dating at the University of Illinois

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