What do you mean by "data protection"?
By "data" we mean all the work-related files and data you create via various applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, etc. Protecting this data means ensuring that if there is some reason that your desktop computer needs to be replaced or its operating system upgraded, this data will not be lost.
But doesn't the Library Systems office back up my computer?
No. Every desktop computer has a hard drive inside its case which contains the Windows operating system as well as many programs. Whenever you save data to the Desktop or to the C: drive, you are saving to this hard drive. However, unless you have made a special effort to do so yourself, this data is never backed up. This is why it is extremely important you save all data to a network drive.
Isn't protecting my data the System office's job?
The Library Systems office backs up all data kept on the network to special backup hard drives and to tape regularly, but it does not back up any data from local hard drives on staff workstations. The LSO does not have the time or the drive space to back up all staff machines' local hard drives.
What happens to my data if my computer dies?
All data that is not saved to a network drive or network share is LOST.
What is a "network drive"?
A network drive (such as H: or G:) looks and acts exactly like a regular hard drive (such as the C: drive) but the data is stored on a central server instead of physically on your desktop computer.
How do I save data to the network?
See the web page How to save your data to the network.
What should I save to the network?
All work-related data that is too important to lose in a machine crash.
Will you back up my computer when it needs upgrading?
No. Since all your data will be saved to the network (right?) there should only be a few items that need to be backed up before rebuilding your machine.
What should I do to prepare for an operating system upgrade?
You will be contacted personally at least several days before the upgrade by an LSO staff member who will discuss the upgrade procedure with you. During the days before he returns to do the upgrade, you should make sure that all the work-related data is backed up to the network. For more information, please see Getting ready for a computer upgrade.
How do I save my web browser bookmarks/favorites?
See the "Bookmarks/Favorites" section of the web page Backing up Staff Machine Data.
How do I point "My Documents" at a network drive?
See the "User Documents" section of the web page Backing up Staff Machine Data.
When I came in this morning I could tell my computer had rebooted. Have I been hacked?
Probably not. Most likely the Systems Office had to patch your machine overnight which implies a reboot.