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Library Research Showcase 2013

University of Illinois Library faculty and academic professionals are invited to submit proposals for the Library Research Showcase, which will take place November 19, 2013. The showcase will highlight recently completed and ongoing research within the library, emphasizing its impact on the University, the professional disciplines of our many researchers, and beyond. All faculty and AP research is welcome regardless of disciplinary scope. However, presentations will not include "how we did it good" or other demonstrations without a clear research component.

Presentation Formats and Requirements

Presentation formats will include posters sessions, tech demos, and lightning round talks. Due to time constraints, there will be a limit of nine lightning talk presentations of five minutes each. However, there are funds available for printing a significant number of posters in addition to any posters that presenters may already have due to previous conferences, and submissions of talks, demos, and poster ideas based on conference presentations, publications, and ongoing research are welcome.

Presentations of already completed research are welcome as long as the final research output (presentation or publication) has occurred since November 2012.

Download the presentation proposal form.

Lightning Talk Guidelines

Poster/Tech Demo Guidelines

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals must be submitted using the proposal form, including a presentation abstract of 200-250 words. All presentation proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria, which should be included in the abstract:

In addition, lightning talk presentations will be evaluated by a fifth criterion: Suitability to presentation format. To aid evaluation of this criterion, lightning talk proposals will include a two to three sentence statement of how the speaker will present the lightning talk in a manner best suited to the brief format.


Questions and Comments

Questions, comments, and ideas concerning the research showcase can be submitted to Dan Tracy, chair of the showcase planning committee, or other members of the planning committee: