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Cluster Error (Report I-Share Charging/Discharging Problems)
Use this form to report to the Library Telephone Center items that give the following message:
"The patron cannot charge this item because it belongs to
another cluster and the patron has not requested it or the
Hold has expired."


  1. Please keep the HOLD slip from inside the item.
  2. Give the patron the item and tell them to check their MY ACCOUNT online for the DUE DATE of the item.
  3. Submit the form below or e-mail the Phonecenter with the patron and item information requested below.
  Patron Barcode(scan):  
  Update: Non-UIUC barcodes can be submitted.

  Item Barcode (scan):  
  Item Call Number :  
  Item's Institution:  
 Item Start of Title:  
 Expiration date on HOLD SLIP (mm/dd/yy):   / /

  Your departmental library:  
  Your name/initials:  
  Your e-mail address: