Marcus S. Goldman

Description: Marcus Goldman was a professor of English at the University of Illinois from 1936 to 1962. He comments on growing up in Ohio, his experiences at the University, his service World War I and World War II, serving as ground operations officer for the first Bikini atomic bomb tests, life as a student at the University of Paris, the Bernbaum-Zeitlin … Read More

Dan Perrino

Description: Daniel Perrino (1921-2012) began his studies at the U of I in 1940. He was active in ROTC and in a band. Daniel was at the Virginia Theater when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Along with a group of friends, Daniel talked with the President of the University about the event. He became more involved with ROTC, and eventually served … Read More

Katie Harper Wright

Description: Katie Harper Wright came to the University of Illinois at age 16 and enrolled in the school of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS). She experienced formal segregation at the university and was forced to live off-campus in Champaign. She also recounts her memories of Pearl Harbor and her friendship with the group of black air force pilots later known … Read More

Stan Rankin

Description: Stan Rankin (1934-2018), a lifelong resident of the Champaign area, attended the University of Illinois during the 1950s. He describes his years in Champaign as a grade school boy during the World War II era including how rationing efforts affected the consumer choices available to his family and his experiences with the soldiers training at the Chanute Air Force … Read More