Dena Epstein

Description: Dena Julia Polacheck Epstein (1916-2013) was a graduate student in the library school during the late 1930s. Epstein remembers working in the library and doing research on the music publishing industry in mid-19th century Chicago. She also describes her marriage to a fellow student, Morton Epstein, which took place just before he left school to join the war effort. … Read More

Daniel Perrino

Description: Daniel Perrino was a teacher in the Music department and served as dean of student programs and services from 1968 until 1976. Perrino recounts his efforts to respond to changing needs of UI by expanding the student programs developing Quad Day as a space for diverse student groups could make connections with each other. Date of Interview: 4/5/2009 Interviewer: Daniel Raymond … Read More

Dan Perrino

Description: Daniel Perrino (1921-2012) began his studies at the U of I in 1940. He was active in ROTC and in a band. Daniel was at the Virginia Theater when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Along with a group of friends, Daniel talked with the President of the University about the event. He became more involved with ROTC, and eventually served … Read More