Jeffrey Roberts

Description: Jeffrey Roberts was the only black student in the journalism program when he came to the University of Illinois in the fall of 1968. The passion for writing he brought with him to Illinois stemmed from high school experiences as a bat boy for the Chicago White Sox. In this interview, he recalls his varied experiences as a young … Read More

Vanessa Faurie

Description: Vanessa Faurie graduated from U of I in 1987 with a B.S. in Journalism/News and also completed her MBA in 2015. During her freshman year she was occasionally contributing writer for the Daily Illini and by her senior year, she served as editor in chief. She also interned with Teen Age (magazine) and National Geographic before graduating. Faurie stayed in … Read More

Fred Turner Daily Illini Interview

Description: In this 1975 interview with Daily Illini reporter, Greg Miller, Fred Turner discusses Thomas Arkle Clark’s personal style of managing students, as well as how this approach changed during Turner’s own tenure as dean when he delegated student interactions to several assistant deans. Turner also discusses the history of fraternities on campus including his own involvement with the organizations … Read More

Fred Turner WILL Interview

Description: In this 1967 interview with WILL reporter Jennifer Johnson, Fred Turner talked about his first years working for longtime Dean of Men, Thomas Arkle Clark culminating with his replacement of Clark after his retirement in 1931. Turner reflected on the shifting role of faculty in the University and the development of the University’s administration during his tenure as Dean. … Read More

Barbara Montgomery

Description: Barbara Venton Gilbreath Montgomery (1925-2017) attended the University of Illinois in the later portion of World War II, starting in 1943. In this interview she describes her experience dating an army serviceman who was training in the Armory and her experience serving as a junior editor of the Daily Illini within her first few weeks as a Freshman, due … Read More

Millicent Sloboda Lane

Description: Arriving at UI shortly before the war, Millicent Lane (1923-2018) recalls the outpouring of emotion by fellow students following Pearl Harbor. Lane was a part of the collective of women who edited the Daily Illini during WWII and describes how they led the paper and featured a column about GIs to encourage greater civility between soldiers and students on … Read More

Bette Nance Terry

Description: Bette Jean Nance Terry (1922-2016) enrolled at U of I in 1940 and became a member of the Alpha Chi Omega fraternity. In the interview Terry recounts her work as a reporter for the Daily Illini and the changes that took place on campus when many of the young men left school for the war, including her recollections of … Read More

Audrey Moore Stewart

Description: Audrey Moore Stewart (1910-2018) graduated in 1932 with a degree in Journalism. She took some graduate courses and finished a second BA in English in 1934. Audrey joined the Alpha Delta Theta sorority and the Glee Club; and she wrote for the Daily Illini. Her family was well-off, so Audrey did not experience financial difficulty in the Depression. She … Read More

Mary Monahan

Description: Mary Monahan (1905-2003) was a member of the Class of 1927. She studied Journalism and wrote for the Daily Illini. Mary did not need to have a job when she was in college. She enjoyed watching sports and was active in the Newman Chapel. Date of Interview: 3/28/2001 Interviewer: Ellen Swain Transcript: Mary Monahan Oral History Transcript Related Resources: Archives Alumni Oral History … Read More

Florence Hood Miner

Description: Florence Hood Miner (1909-2009) graduated in 1929. She joined the Delta Zeta sorority and studied Journalism.  In addition, Florence studied dress design in Paris for a year. Florence said her family did not experience hardship during the Depression. Date of Interview: 11/06/2000 Interviewer: Ellen Swain Transcript: Florence Hood Miner Oral History Transcript Related Resources: Archives Alumni Oral History Project Files