Vanessa Faurie

Description: Vanessa Faurie graduated from U of I in 1987 with a B.S. in Journalism/News and also completed her MBA in 2015. During her freshman year she was occasionally contributing writer for the Daily Illini and by her senior year, she served as editor in chief. She also interned with Teen Age (magazine) and National Geographic before graduating. Faurie stayed in … Read More

Eisenman Tapes

This collection consists of audio recorded by David Eisenman, Assistant Dean of Students, during the years of Project 500, and touches on his first-hand accounts of the protests by African American students against their placement in sub-standard housing in the first weeks of the program.

Daniel Perrino

Description: Daniel Perrino was a teacher in the Music department and served as dean of student programs and services from 1968 until 1976. Perrino recounts his efforts to respond to changing needs of UI by expanding the student programs developing Quad Day as a space for diverse student groups could make connections with each other. Date of Interview: 4/5/2009 Interviewer: Daniel Raymond … Read More

Leslie A. Bryan

Description: Leslie Aulls Bryan was the Director of the Institute of Aviation at the University of Illinois from 1946 to 1968. In this interview, he discusses the Institute of Aviation, the development of the University’s aeronautics program, related research, and both University Presidents Arthur C. Willard and his own careers in aviation. Date of Interview: 1/15/1965 Interviewer: Jennifer Johnson Related Resources: Leslie A. … Read More