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Module 3: How to use primary sources

Further research

As you continue your research, you'll also want to think about what other people or organizations would have created records that would shed light on your topic. Are there other perspectives you can get on the events you're researching?

Compare the information gathered from various sources. Do they contradict each other, or are their accounts consistent with each other? If there are contradictions, can they be reconciled? How can you sort them out? Does one of the sources seem more credible than another one? Why?

And you'll probably need to do some library research using secondary sources to get background information and to answer some of the questions that will inevitably crop up. You can use the list of names, places, terms, events, etc., that you made in step 4 to direct your further research.



Main Library Building

There are abundant resources for further research on your topic, as well as people to help you find them, at both the Undergraduate Library and the Main Library building (pictured).

At the Undergraduate Library, you can get help at the Reference Desk on the upper level. At the Main Library, go to the 2nd floor and ask for help at the Information Desk.

You can also Ask a Librarian for help by email, IM, live chat or telephone.

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