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Module 3: How to use primary sources

Step 2: The Creator(s).
Multiple creators

Not every document is created by just one identifiable person. For example, reports are often written by committees. And many other kinds of documents can have multiple creators as well, notably any product of the mass media. For example, a newspaper article has a reporter, an editor, and a publisher responsible for its creation. These are all people or entities who had a hand in creating the document, so these should all be considered creators.


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opinion column Don't Draft Bright Youth

The author of this opinion column from the Daily Illini issue of April 9, 1967, is Bob Snyder. But the opinion page editor(s) of the newspaper also had a say in whether the column was published, and they may have edited the column as well, so they played a role in the creation of this column. (Click to see the entire article).

Daily Illini, April 9, 1967. Republished with permission.

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