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Module 2: How to Find Primary Sources in the UIUC Archives

Doing research in the archives, Step 3:
Go where the records are

Once you have identified some records that you think might help you with your research, write down the record series number. Then go to the location where the records are kept. This is indicated in the database under "SERVICE LOCATION." These are the two locations and how you get there:

The University Archives, 19 Library: Go to the basement of the Main Library building (map), near the entrance to the tunnel to the Undergraduate Library.

The Archives Research Center, which is where the Student Life and Culture Archives are kept, is located in room 105, at 1707 S. Orchard Street in Urbana. This facility is in the former Horticulture Field Laboratory Building (built in 1923), just east of the University of Illinois President's house (map). 

Before going to the archives, check their hours to make sure they’re open.


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The Archives Research Center

The Student Life and Culture Archives are at the Archives Research Center, which is in the Horticulture Field Laboratory Building, accesible via the Orchard Downs Bus (#8).

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