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Module 2: How to Find Primary Sources in the UIUC Archives

The Student Life and Culture Program

UIUC has what other universities do not: a special unit devoted to preserving the history of student life here and nationally. The Student Life and Culture Archival Program collects, preserves, and makes available materials documenting student involvement in fraternities, sororities, student government, religious associations, publications, social events, athletics, and other activities that contribute to the total student experience in higher education.  


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photo of woman who uses a wheelchair bowling

This photograph was part of a spread in the 1966 Illio about the University’s Division of Rehabilitation program. The caption reads, "Joanna Cornett demonstrates her bowling ability. She is a gold medal winner in national track, field, and swimming competitions.” Past issues of the Illio are among the many sources available in the Student Life and Culture Archives.

Illio, Volume 73 (1966) p. 69. Used with permission.

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