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Module 2: How to Find Primary Sources in the UIUC Archives

Archives provide access to rare materials

Archives have materials that are unique. With some exceptions, the records they hold are one-of-a-kind items or those that have not been produced in great quantities for the general public. This is a major way they differ from libraries. With the exception of rare book, manuscript, map, and other "special collections” libraries, most libraries have mass-produced items like books, government reports, compact disks, DVDs, magazines, and journals.

But archives aren’t just for the storage and preservation of irreplaceable materials – their purpose is to provide access to them for research and understanding. At the University of Illinois, students and faculty are among the most important users of the archives. The archives are here for you to use!


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Ellen Swain in the Archives

Ellen Swain is the archivist for the Student Life and Culture Archival Program.

Photo courtesy of the UI News Bureau

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