Research and Study Spaces - University Library

Library Research and Study Spaces

  • Study and Collaboration Spaces to Reserve – The Library offers a variety of rooms that can be reserved by groups of 2 or more individuals.  Media Editing computers in the Media Commons at the Undergraduate Library can also be reserved.
  • Main Library Research Carrels – Main Stacks carrels can be reserved as a research space by current U of I faculty, graduate students, and department-sponsored visiting scholars.
  • Oak Street Reading Room – The Reading Room provides a space to use materials housed in the Oak Street High Density Storage Facility. This is particularly useful when you need to consult a large number of books, such as multi-volume sets.
  • Design and Digital Scholarship Spaces – These spaces have specialized hardware and software to encourage media creation and editing, as well as digital scholarship activities.
  • Zoom-friendly Spaces – The University Library supports participation in online classes in some of our designated study spaces.  While not available in all campus libraries, Zoom-friendly spaces are available in some study rooms and areas where conversations are traditionally permitted.