Research and Study Spaces - University Library

Library Research and Study Spaces

  • Study and Collaboration Spaces to Reserve – The Library offers a variety of rooms that can be reserved by groups of 2 or more individuals.  Media Editing computers in the Media Commons at the Undergraduate Library can also be reserved.
  • Main Library Research Carrels – Main Stacks carrels can be reserved as a research space by current U of I faculty, graduate students, and department-sponsored visiting scholars.
  • Oak Street Reading Room – The Reading Room provides a space to use materials housed in the Oak Street High Density Storage Facility. This is particularly useful when you need to consult a large number of books, such as multi-volume sets.
  • Design and Digital Scholarship Spaces – These spaces have specialized hardware and software to encourage media creation and editing, as well as digital scholarship activities.
  • Zoom-friendly Spaces – The University Library supports participation in online classes in some of our designated study spaces.  While not available in all campus libraries, Zoom-friendly spaces are available in some study rooms and areas where conversations are traditionally permitted.

Other Campus Spaces

  • IlliniSpaces – There are over 100 spaces to choose from that include pictures and information about noise, lighting, and technology. Available online, this resource is also available to be downloaded onto your iOS device.