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Fire Alarm Procedures

Library procedures:

  1. When the fire alarm sounds, Library personnel are responsible for checking the four rooms of the Library and making sure that students leave.
  2. Staff members are responsible for turning out the lights and closing the windows prior to exiting the Library themselves.
  3. Students and staff are to leave by the south staircase. No one is to take the elevator.
  4. (The Librarian, despite any inclinations to the contrary, is not to be allowed to go down with the ship. Use caution when prying her fingers from the bookcase.)

General school procedures:

  1. While leaving the building, students should move swiftly — not run.
  2. Students should not carry books from the building and should not return to their lockers for articles of clothing.
  3. If there is a person who is handicapped or ill, a staff member should request two people to assist him/her out of the building.
  4. After leaving the building, teachers should move their classes far enough away from the building to allow other classes to assemble. In cold or rainy weather, classes will assemble in the gymnasium.
  5. Students and staff should assemble at least 100 feet from the exits they use and stay together until the building is vacant and the rooms all checked. Students should report to the teacher in whose care they are regularly scheduled during the period of the fire drill, even though they have been assigned to another location.
  6. The passing bell will ring at the close of the drill to signal that students and staff may return to classes or offices.
  7. In case of fire, a staff member should turn in at the nearest alarm box a signal to the University Fire Department.

University Laboratory High School Staff to contact in case of emergency:

Frances Jacobson Harris, Librarian
(217) 333-1589

April Warren-Grice, Assistant Director
(217) 300-0319

Jeffrey Walkington, Director/Principal
(217) 333-2870