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Find an Editorial

What is an Editorial?

An editorial is a written piece most often found in newspapers and magazines that typically addresses the opinion or viewpoint of senior editorial staff on a current or controversial issue.

Where Can I Find an Editorial?

Tips: Avoid using the terms “pro” and “con” in a search, unless the issue frequently uses “pro” or “con” to identify supporters of the position (e.g. pro-life and pro-choice). Also read the abstracts of the editorials (when available) for a summary of the writer’s viewpoint.


Academic Search Ultimate (EBSCO)

  • Enter keywords in the corresponding search boxes
  • Under “Document Type” select “Editorial”


  • Click “Advanced Search”
  • Click the “News” tab
  • Type “Opinion & Editorial,” “Editorial,” “Opinion,” or “Opinion Editorials” and select “Section” from the drop-down
  • Enter keywords in subsequent search boxes and click “Search”

Newspaper Databases

The Find Articles Guide includes a section on newspaper databases. Try searching recommended newspaper databases to find additional editorials. Remember to limit the document type to “Editorial” when possible.

Print Collection

Browse the periodicals collection on the lower level of the Undergraduate Library to find editorials in publications such as The New Yorker, Mother Jones, Forbes, and more.