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UGL Social Media

The Undergraduate Library has been at the forefront of using Social Networking.  

 My Space and Facebook.  the UGL was one of the first librairies to use these tools.

September 2, 2010.  Undergraduate Library mentioned as one of 50 Social Media Innovators in Higher Education by’s Web 2.0 College Olympics

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – How cool is this? The undergraduate library of the UIUC has a feed dedicated to connecting students to library resources like audiobooks, journal articles, abstracts, even fun magazines. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the majority of these are access restricted. But UIUC does offer 10 student blogs, four admissions blogs, as well as housing, campus rec, and performing arts blogs. And the school’s Facebook page boasts more than 13,000 fans.

The following image shows images of the BLOG, Twitter, New Books, and Pinterest

ugl social media

Types of Social Networking at the UGL

The UGL was  an early model (2007?) for ways to connect social networking with research tips and current awareness posts through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What’s happening?

In addition to alerts about the mechanical, electrical, and digital infrastructure, the UGL began making connections between the intellectual lives of undergrads and UGL services & library resources. It was used to show off new books, interesting databases, search tips and strategies, loanable technology, our partners, and events around the library, the campus, and the community.

twitter feed

Related Literature

Publicity: Milsten, Sarah (2009). “Twitter for Libraries:  It Thinks. Available at:

“University libraries have a somewhat different focus. The Undergraduate Library at the University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign (, for example, lets students know about upcoming deadlines (“5 days left to return ALL media items”), service issues (“Access to EBSCO through wireless is down. You can still access EBSCO through desktop PCs”), and other topics of interest to its audience (“UGL is hiring for Spring 09! Applications @ the front desk”). The Yale University Science Libraries”

UGL Blog

UGL Blog:  In  September of 2012 Graduate Students began highlighting news related to the UGL or items of public interest.

ugl blog


Pinterest: In 2013, Pinterest was added to the efforts of the graduate assistants to provide themed resources pertaining to something “uglish”. In 2017 it was retired from the UGL pages.   

pinterest ugl