Plaza Level

History of the Plaza

aerial photo of the ugl plaza

There have been a couple of different attempts at creating a successful space above the Library, with varying levels of success. Originally dedicated as the Undergraduate Library in 1969, the latest plaza configuration on top of the roof was completed in 1992. The previous version had a paver pattern that made little or no sense with traffic patterns.

The current planters Arial view of plazawere an addition made in the ’92 redesign. Without these planters, the Undergraduate Library Plaza had virtually no shade. Drainage was improved, as was access from both sides of the plaza, the street and the Foellinger Plaza sides. Since the advent of the landscaping boom, the plaza has really benefited. The ’92 redesign significantly spruced up both the plaza and the courtyard with it’s trees and flowers. For information about the Morrow Plots

Articles about the UGL Plaza

Doyle, Laura, O’Connor, Kelly, Ou, Tsung-Hsiao , & Waeltz, Nick (2000). “Undergraduate Library: An Architecture 371 analysis and re-design project for the plaza above the Undergraduate Library.”  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Architecture.

This report provides a class project design and analysis of the Undergraduate Library’s plaza, including history obtained from William Whyte’s book (1980), The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces