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Undergraduate Library Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision Statement

Fostering and promoting an inviting, innovative and evolving educational environment for the inquiring minds of the University of Illinois through the expertise of our professional and knowledgeable staff who develop and maintain our preeminent collections, facilities, and services.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Undergraduate Library is to provide academic, co-curricular, cultural, and technological support to our users and to be a dynamic, innovative unit. Librarians and staff provide innovative services, technology, collections, and environments to enhance collaboration and exploration; engage students in the inquiry process and educate them in their roles as content consumers and creators in the design, production, and delivery of content and media for research, discovery, and learning; and anticipate new and emerging needs to facilitate undergraduate student success. Every interaction between the Undergraduate Library and its users should enhance and enrich the undergraduate experience so that students can adjust to and succeed at the University of Illinois and beyond.

Core Values   

Our core values are our guiding principles. They guide us to carry out our mission and envision our future. Embracing excellence, growth, and respect, we believe in:

Instruction – We support the education and inquiry process of the University’s students, staff, and faculty by enhancing their knowledge and use of library and campus resources, services, and research methodologies. We promote critical thinking skills and information, technology, and media literacy.

Credibility – We provide expertise in identifying, interpreting, and utilizing appropriate credible and scholarly information resources, course materials, technology, media, and materials for personal or recreational consumption.

Flexibility – We efficiently adapt to the ever-changing needs of our users, and are creative in finding solutions. We constantly investigate and implement new and emerging technologies, educational methods, and physical facilities to keep pace with user needs and goals. We find creative solutions to problems, and value simplicity, ease of use, and functionality.

Reliability – We provide facilities, services, and technology in a predictable, safe, and dependable manner. We emphasize effective and consistent user experiences across all digital and in-person interactions with Undergraduate Library staff or resources.

Engagement – We value user input in making decisions in planning our services, resources, and facilities. Through individual and collaborative work spaces, partner services, technology, resources, and expertise, the Undergraduate Library fosters group, community, and social engagement for intellectual and social endeavors.

updated July 8, 2013