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Food Policy at the Undergraduate Library

Food and Drink

Per The Library’s Patron Conduct Policy: The introduction of food and drink to Library facilities may pose a threat to Library collections. It can also be disruptive to other patrons (odor, noise, grease). Food is prohibited from Library facilities, except in designated areas. Non-alcoholic drinks may be allowed in Library facilities in spill-proof, covered, plastic, or metal containers. Individual Library units may impose stricter policies on food and drink in order to protect unique collections, or in order to adhere to the policies governing the buildings in which they are housed.

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As of January 5, 2015, except for the video and audio studios and 291, the Undergraduate Library (UGL) is willing to allow foods that are not smelly, noisy, or greasy. Please use the trash containers and the wipes available throughout the UGL to clean up. If you are asked to take your food out of the UGL (or to the Espresso Royale Cafe) because it is noisy, messy, greasy, or has an odor, it is because we are considering the needs of all of our patrons and want to maintain a non-disruptive work/study environment. Pizza is one of those greasy items that will need to be eaten outside of the UGL in order to protect our collections, equipment, and facilities.

Policy revised January 5, 2015.