Voyager Oracle Accounts

Voyager Oracle

Accounts are used for two purposes: 1) to run MS Access queries against the Voyager Reports Server database; and 2) to use the Gary Strawn programs with Voyager.

Voyager Oracle accounts are managed by CARLI, and are requested for you by the Library IT Help Desk.  To request an account, log an OTRS ticket at  The Help Desk will send you an Oracle Account Request form.   Please print, read and sign the form and drop it off at the Help Desk.   You’ll receive your Oracle logon and password in a day or two via an email from CARLI.

You also must have an ODBC driver installed on your PC in order to connect to the Voyager Reports Server database.   After receiving your logon and password, please log an OTRS ticket to request installation of the ODBC driver.

Note: the Voyager Reports Server database is a copy of the Library’s live Voyager database.   It is refreshed with updated data from the live system every fifteen minutes.

Note: the Gary Strawn programs were developed by a librarian at Northwestern University Library and are provided to us by CARLI.  They were written specifically to assist with bibliographic maintenance activities in Voyager.