RPC Grants Awarded During the Academic Year 2017-2018

RecipientProject Title/DescriptionRequestAmount of AwardDate of Award
Sotomayor, Antonio
Los Juegos del dictador: Rafael Leonidas Trujillo y la solidaridad antillana durante los Juegos Interantillanos de la República Dominicana en 1944
Travel to Santa Domingo to work on-site at archive
$2,186.20 9/7/2107
Witt, Steven
Libraries, Internationalism, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Travel to Columbia U. to work in CEIP Archive
$2,060.00 9/27/2017
Teper, Jennifer and Miriam Centeno
Counting Diversity in Preservation
Grad student assistance with survey
$4,704.00 9/27/2017
Morris, David A.
A Potpourri of Medieval Prophecies: The Carmelite Manuscript of Pierleone da Spoleto and Two Unidentified Texts
Travel and stay in Rome to explore the Archives of the Carmelite Order $2,960.00 11/21/2017
Szylowicz, Caroline
"Archival research toward the digital
edition of Marcel Proust’s correspondence – detailed examination of the Albert Flament archives at
the Fondation des Treilles (Tourtour, France);"
Travel from Champaign to Draguignan/Tourtour, France
$1,541.11 2/1/2018
Belovari, Susanne
Expedited Digital Appraisal for Regular Archivists: an MPLP-type approach
Travel from Champaign to German state archives and lodging and meals $2,750.00 2/15/2018
Krogman, Alexandra and Christie Wiley
ITHAKA S+R - Research Support Services for the Field of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Transcription Professionals for transcription of 10-15, one hour long interviews $1,650.00 2/15/2018
Hahn, Jim
Advancing Serendipity within Online Browsing : Integration of Account-Based Recommendations into VuFind 4
Academic hourly plus benefits $4,978.00 2/15/2018
Sheehan, Beth
The Influence of Journal Publishers on Archaeology Data Sharing
Graduate student support working with ATLAS.ti $1,377.35 3/27/2018