RPC Grant Awarded for Previous Years 2013 — 2014

Recipient Project Title / Description Request Amount of Award Date of Award
Mary Laskowski and Michael Norman A Collection Explosion: Evaluating a Collection 145 Years in the Making Support for hourly wages



Shuyong Jiang

Open Access in China Travel support



Caroline Szylowicz

Retracing the provenance history of a 1782 French manuscript from the RBML collection Travel support



Jenny Emmanuel Taylor

Acquiring Financial Management Literacy Support for survey analysis tools



Paula Kaufman and Bob Burger

Curricular Use of Mobile Computing Technology by a First-Year Learning Community Support for hourly wages



Dan Tracy

Research Books for Untenured Faculty Purchase books



Yoo-Seong Song

Assessing the collection of North Korean materials at Chinese and Korean research libraries Travel support $2,184 12/16/2013

Lynn Wiley

Scholarly ebook adoption by humanists, social scientists and scientists: a survey series at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to determine user impressions and predictions for ebooks by discipline Support for gift card for participation and hourly wages $4,125 1/14/2014

Kelly McCusker

Survey of Distance Students and Instructors Gift cards for participation $50 1/22/2014
JoAnn Jacoby, Susan Avery, David Ward, Kathleen Kern Student, Instructor & Librarian Evaluations of Chat Reference Transcripts Support for hourly wages and survey incentives $5,854 2/3/2014
Kirstin Dougan iPads in the Music and Performing Arts Library Poster printing charges $77 2/3/2014
Peg Burnette Conduct a Research Audit of campus level interdisciplinary biomedical research Support for hourly wages $1,201.20 2/3/2014
Mara Thacker, Steve Witt, Tom Teper Measuring and Sustaining the Impact of Foreign Publications in a Research Library Support for hourly wages $1,680 2/27/2014
Steven Witt In Defense of Peace: Libraries, Civil Society and the Founding of UNESCO Travel Support $3,172 3/12/2014
Antonio Sotomayor The Triangle of the Empire: The YMCA in Puerto Rico, 1898-1930s Travel Support $3,482.12 3/12/2014
Laila Hussein Mustafa Disaster Management in National library and Archive in the Middle East in time of war Travel and hourly wage support $5,000 5/6/2014